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Important Item Limitations

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Feb 10, 2019
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Bacau, Romania
Multi-block structures such as tanks, alvearyes, boilers, blast furnaces, etc.
These should never be built in between multiple chunks and should always stay in one chunk. ( may not cross chunk lines in short ).​
You can press F9 to see chunk lines.​
When we say Limits it means nothing else in the chunk.​
Ex: If solar panels are limited to 25 per chunk you should not have any other machine in that chunk!​
25 solar panels with no other machines -
25 solar panels and a fusion reactor -

Applied Energistics
AE power usage must not exceed 300 units (number in ME Controller)​
Molecular Assembly Chambers must not be larger than a 5x5x5 (125 blocks total)​

Nuclear Reactors
Max of 4 per Chunk​

Fusion Reactors
Only 1 Per Chunk Max.​

Alvearyes & Steam Boilers
Max of 9 per chunk.​

Solar Panels (EU Producing)
Max of 25 per chunk​
Each "group" of solar panels must connect to a storage unit before connecting to another group of solar panels.​

Mob Spawners (All)
No more than 6 spawners per chunk (this does not mean put 6 spawners per chunk bordering 4 chunks).​
Mobs must be killed near-instantly.​
Please turn off your spawner whenever you are going offline, especially when for extended periods of time.​

Quantum Generators (All)
No more than 2 per chunk.​
Max of 5 for Legends​
If Legends are basing together, there may not be more than 5 in a single base still.​
Balance the output, and packet size at least 4:1​

Limit of 2 per town. Additional quarries will be removed upon discovery.​
May not overlap, failure to do so will result in loss of the overlapping quarry.​
May not be used under any circumstances to chunkload! Failure to do so will result in a instant permanent ban.​
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