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  1. HaoSs07

    Important New modpack Launcher for our server packs

    It has been a while since I posted here but here I am... As the title says, duh, a new, fancier, lighter and with more features launcher is finally here! Some of the features are smarter modpack updates, optional mods, auto download of java and many others. The modpacks available on the...
  2. HaoSs07

    Launcher - Java Management Tab

    Change Minimum or Maximum RAM Allocating RAM is easy! Just move the sliders to your desired value. You can set the value to the nearest half a gigabyte. Technical Notes Most modpacks B-Gaming run require 6GB of RAM to run smoothly. We recommend setting the miminum and maximum to the same...
  3. HaoSs07

    Launcher - The Launcher Handles Everything for You

    Our new launcher is available to download here. The launcher validates the configured Java executable before each launch. If the configured value does not point to a valid Java version, your computer will be scanned for a valid version. If you do not have a valid installation, the game will not...
  4. HaoSs07

    Chunkloading guide

    This wipe, we decided to get rid of the World Spikes & the FTB Utilities chunkloading in favor for these bad boys :) Here's what the blocks and the Blaze Rod do. The Iron Block acts as a "Personal Loader". What does this mean ? A personal loader only loads chunks when you are online(playing)...
  5. HaoSs07

    Top Voters - November (Ultimate)

    Welcome back to the top voters for November 2019! As usual, we reward the top 6 voters every month, and they will get donation store vouchers and several other rewards. Alright, time to announce who the top 6 are for this month. This month the winners are: 1st: slayer666 2nd: edenj145 3rd...
  6. HaoSs07

    Solved sponsor perms

  7. HaoSs07

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
  8. HaoSs07

    Payment Payment Issues Form

    The thread title must have the prefix Payment! Copy the model below and start a new thread. Nickname: Items/Rank/Kit purchased: Transaction ID(Proof of Purchase - see below): Issue description: Date/Time of Purchase: Any other important information: Proof of purchase includes: PayPal...
  9. HaoSs07

    Server is down.

    The server was under maintenance yesterday. If you want to get these updates you can join our discord server by typing /discord in-game.
  10. HaoSs07

    Server Rules

    Best-Gaming's server rules Information is subject to change. It is the responsibility of the player to keep updated and informed with current guidelines. If you feel that a player has violated our Terms and you wish to report them, you may do so here. Respecting Players and Advertising...
  11. HaoSs07

    Important Item Limitations

    Multi-block structures such as tanks, alvearyes, boilers, blast furnaces, etc. These should never be built in between multiple chunks and should always stay in one chunk. ( may not cross chunk lines in short ). You can press F9 to see chunk lines. When we say Limits it means nothing else in the...
  12. HaoSs07

    Info Banned/Restricted Items

    - 13385: Letter: Can be used to dupe. - 243: Chunk Loader: This item is donator only. - 3131.8: Unifier: Can be used to dupe. - 30208: Mining Laser: Bypasses anti-grief. - 1285: Book Binder: This item is donator only. - 1000.6: Wrath Lamp: This Item creates extreme amounts of lagg and lighting...
  13. HaoSs07

    Important Server Rules

    - Rules & Guidelines - All rules are subject to change. No notifications will be given out, it is up to everyone to keep themselves updated. Griefing If your stuff is not claimed and you get griefed it is your fault this includes quarries and pumps in mining world and the nether Raiding is...

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